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Thomas A. Brown - Village President (1989 - Present)

President Brown has served the Village since 1979 first as trustee, then Village attorney and beginning in 1989 as Village president. He is a graduate of Purdue University class of 1974 and Loyola University of Chicago Law School class of 1977. His law firm, Swanson and Brown, specializes in Municipal law. President Brown has represented the Village regionally as past president of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, past chairman of the South Suburban Solid Waste Agency, past member of Cook County CDBG advisory board, past member of the Third Airport Task Force and past member of the Northern Illinois Planning Commission. President Brown and his wife have lived in the Village for over 30 years.

Helen Minnis - Village Clerk

Helen M. Minnis, incumbent Village Clerk, is a widow with one daughter and three grandchildren. She has been a homeowner in the village for 50 years and attends the East Hazel Crest Bible Church.  She has been active in village governments for 44 years, serving three former clerks for 16 years as Assistant Water Collector and Deputy Clerk. For the past 28 years as she has been the Village Clerk/Collector, eight years with Mayor Ann Prater and 20 years with Mayor Thomas A. Brown.  She is a former Brownie and Girl Scout Leader, a Licensed Camper for Hazel Crest Neighborhood Girl Scouts and has served seven years as a Board Member for School District 152 1/2.


Jesus Ortiz - Village Trustee (1987 - Present)

Trustee Ortiz has served the village as a trustee for almost 20 years. Trustee Ortiz and his wife Lola have lived in East Hazel Crest for 43 years. They have two adult daughters and one adult son. Trustee Ortiz is a past member of our Police Department. He is retired from the Matteson School district. Currently Trustee Ortiz serves as chairman of the Public Safety committee, a sub committee of the Village Board of Trustees.

John Kearns - Village Trustee (1991 - Present)

Trustee Kearns has resided in East Hazel Crest for over 20 years. He is a graduate of St. Mel High School and attended Moraine Valley College. Trustee Kearns was a member of the U. S. Navy and a Vietnam Veteran. He is a member of the East Hazel Crest American Legion Post 1139 serving in the past as Commander and currently serving as Vice Commander. He was a co-founder and past chairman of the East Hazel Crest Improvement Association (EIA) that served both the youth and the senior population of the community. Trustee Kearns currently serves as chairman of the finance committee, a sub committee of the Village Board of Trustees. He and his wife Helen have three adult sons.

Zoe Ewan - Village Trustee (1997 - Present)

Trustee Ewan is a life long resident of East Hazel Crest. She is a mother of two and grandmother of five. Zoe has served as a Village Trustee for the past twelve years and serves as the committee chairman for health, safety, and personnel committee and also serves on the street, sign and maintenance committees. She is a Trustee on the East Hazel Crest Library Board for the past six years currently serving as the Board’s Secretary. She is a member of St. Anne’s church and past member of the East Hazel Crest American Legion Auxiliary Post 1139.

Daniel Smith - Village Trustee (2004 - Present)

Trustee Smith chose an apartment on Wooded Path Drive as first home following graduation from Wheaton College. A married father of five children and now in a slightly large dwelling, he and his wife Nancy have lived in East Hazel Crest for over twenty years. Trustee Smith formerly worked as Director of Youth Programs at the East Hazel Crest Bible Church and also served on the Board of School District 152 1/2. His professional experience includes work in college student admissions and also in assisting older adults with retirement housing and long term care decisions. He enjoys playing and coaching basketball in his spare time. Trustee Smith currently chairs the Water and Sewer Committee and also serves on the Police/Fire and Health/Safety/Personnel committees.

Kevin Johnson - Village Trustee (2005 - Present)

Trustee Johnson, his wife and daughter have resided in the village since 1999.  Kevin serves as the Chairman of the Signs, Construction & Maintenance Committee for the village.  He also serves on the Finance & License Committee and the Water & Sewer Committee.  Trustee Johnson has held multiple leadership positions throughout his career and served as special committee member for the local school district and his undergraduate alma mater.  Kevin has earned his Masters in Business and Administration.

Maureen Forte - Village Trustee (2007 - Present)

Proud mother of  two adult professional daughters and a grandmother.

English as a Second Language Educator in the Chicago Public School System. 

A union delegate for Chicago Teachers Union, American Federation and Illinois Federation of Teachers. Presently serves as President of the East Hazel Crest Library District.  Lastly, a Radio and Cable Station Media Personality ~ N' The Know With Moe for WCFJ 1470AM, Comcast Producer, University Park TV4, and Internet Radio Probation Challenge PCC Network


About East Hazel Crest

East Hazel Crest is located in Chicago's South Suburbs, approximately 20 miles south of downtown Chicago. The Village is one of the smallest communities in the Chicago area. The park located at 172nd & Hawthorne features a small playground geared toward smaller children.

The Village is served by School District 152 1/2. The High School is Thornwood High School in South Holland. The Village is also located in the South Suburban Community College District.

Library services are provided by the East Hazel Crest Library Board with contractual services provided by the Homewood Public Library

Medical Alert Program

Our 911 system allows Telecommunications Officers (TCO) to access a computer system that will provide information pertaining to anyone having a medical disability. This information is based upon an address and is cross-referenced by name. Such information may be useful to public safety personnel responding to a request for service at an address within East Hazel Crest. The program can include an identification bracelet for persons living within East Hazel Crest who are senior citizens of the age of 60 or older, or other persons who have medical disabilities. This bracelet contains an identification number that public safety personnel may use to contact the East Hazel Crest 911 Center to obtain information such as name, address, phone number, allergies, medical conditions, medications and persons to contact in the event of emergencies.

If you live within East Hazel Crest, you may obtain a 911 Identification Form from the East Hazel Crest Police or Fire Departments or the East Hazel Crest Village Clerk's Office. If you are unable to pick up a form in person, contact the Police Department Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and an officer will bring the form to you. If you live within East Hazel Crest, you may ask for an identification bracelet at the time you turn the form in at the East Hazel Crest Police Department. The bracelet is free for persons living within East Hazel Crest. The Volunteer Fire Department Association is providing funding for the bracelets.
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